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October 3,  2019 |Team Sahayak Foundations


Motivation is a force that drives you towards your goal. There is two types of Motivation Internal Motivation & External Motivation. External Motivation can be due to many factors may be money, Position & fear etc. & Internal Motivation comes from satisfaction. Biggest Motivation is your belief system. Belief system can be your biggest motivator, it can increase your performance to other level. If you are motivated your performance will be much more than the person that is not motivated. Motivational speaking events should be organized in the companies , Schools & colleges so that students & workers should get motivated and also they can boost up there performance. Company's will achieve there target as the working efficiency of the worker will be increased if he/she is motivated. Similarly students will be motivated and they will achieve there goals in life. Motivational speaker gives examples of the people who have faced tough situations in there life and they fought there battle & succeeded at the end. SO motivation is definitely an important aspect that we should include in our life so that we should not lay down in front of any tough situations or in our tough times.


Poverty is like a curse because it prevents your growth in all aspects. 29 % of the population is still under poverty that means they do not get food to eat or a little food to eat, they do not have clothes also they do not have the shelter. People in the society have choices what to eat what not to eat but people under poverty do not have choice they just want to fill there stomach with whatever they get irrespective of hygienic & unhygienic. Hygiene term is not in there life because survival is necessary. People under poverty doesn't have good clothes to wear they just want to get any type of clothes that can protect them from the environment. third basic thing is shelter that is very difficult thing to get, so they manage outside or under tree in even harsh weather conditions. Poverty creates many problems like illiteracy, health problems, diseases etc. Poor people cannot avail health service & education as they have no money. So Government should take certain steps to help people to overcome poverty, even other people of society should also raise there hands to help the people to overcome poverty and lead a good life where they can at-least get the basic necessities of life.


Right to free & compulsory Education is a fundamental Right, but still it is not practiced everywhere. Still many children's cannot get education because of many reasons. There are some villages where there is no school or school is so far. Somewhere there is lack of good teachers or facilities etc. But still large number of population are able to get the education. Education is very necessary in life of each & every person as it leads to its growth in every aspects. But education has become moreover a business Nowadays you have to pay a lot to get good education so many poor people who are financially weak cannot get good education, so they have stop there studies & they go for some job to earn the bread. Secondly there is a problem in education system as people are becoming educated but not literate. we are just getting degrees by cramming the books, this is due to our education system. students just cram every thing and they just go and flush out in exams to get the good marks , after the exams they just remember nothing. This getting more & More marks pattern has created a competition in the students so they are getting stressed out due to extreme pressure of competition & even the parents. there is no skill based education that a student is getting that might help him in finding his/her career. So whole education system should be improved then only we can create a balance in life and society.


Health is a small word but of very great importance. Health covers many things, food , hospital, exercise, habits, environment etc. so health can be good or Bad but the factors affecting the health will be the same. Good health is the first and very necessary thing that all human being require. Maintaining good health is in our hands but we are very careless about our health, we eat what we like to eat, we drink what we like to drink , We make certain habits that are harmful but still we want good health. Any machine in the world require proper maintenance and servicing, if we will run it without maintaining and servicing it will reduce its life span and also create many problems. same is with our body we have to maintain it by healthy food, exercise and good environment. Human being should be physically and mentally healthy then only we can say he/she is healthy. so get healthy we have to avoid junk foods, alcohol,drugs etc.we should promote exercise, yoga , meditation and other physical activities. we should start eating healthy and organic foods.we should stop using harmful pesticides we should start with organic farming. it is very true saying health is wealth we understand it fully when we become sick or we should take our health seriously and should start making healthy habits.

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