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May 19,  2019 |Team Sahayak Foundations

Help for help

Helping others is a noble work.There are many times when we need help in our life. Help for help is a campaign started by Sahayak Foundation. Help for help Campaign is very needed requirement in today's world.Help is not necessary to be with the money, help can be of many types like if you can assist some one in hospital when needed that is also a kind of help. Hospital is one of the place where we definitely need help from our family or friend. We need someone who could assist us. There are certain times when we don”t have any one who could help us out in hospitals.

Specially in Government hospitals where there is so much crowd, there are many ways with which some one can help in this critical situations. In earlier times people are not so much engaged in social networking platforms but they were helpful, but now we are very easily reachable to all due to modern science & technology, but having no time for people around you.

In this campaign HELP for HELP our first project is providing Help in Hospitals, so if any one requires help in hospitals, then tell us, we will be there. Sahayak foundation will provide a sahayak (A Helping Hand) to that person and that will be free, and in return Sahayak Foundation only wants that the helped person also have to become a Sahayak (A Helping Hand) at some other time for some other person. This will create a sahayak chain in society & people can get help round the clock. There are many unfavourable times when we need help & because people don’t have time and due to busy schedule many times people don’t help for long time or even don’t come for help. But Sahayak foundation always be ready to help you 24*7. May be your help can save somebody's life and bring happiness for them.

Project green planet

Green Planet is one of the campaign started by sahayak foundation to save the trees. Environment is much required thing to live for human beings. But the way we are treating the mother nature , we are just harming the environment. Cities are getting crowded & polluted day by day. This is not just harming the environment but we are harming ourselves, We are not getting pure water, pure air, this is creating some serious health problems. Delhi is so crowded & polluted that the average life of a person is getting reduced & This is very serious problem . We are not making balance with nature we are cutting trees and doing constructions day by day. But we are not planting the new trees. according to a study,On an average a human consumes 11000 Litres of oxygen per day. That oxygen we are getting from trees , We should understand this & every human should start planting trees. Climate changes & global warming are the affects of harming the environment. Pollution & deforestation are the main environment issues. So sahayak Foundation has started the Green Planet Campaign. So that we should aware the people about stopping pollution & cutting trees and also Planting more & more trees. So that we can save our mother nature & Human society.


Earlier politics word was only related to making policies, but now politics is like a blame you put on others. India is a democratic country, it means we have right to choose the right person who can make good policies for our people & country.But people are very much unaware about this fact. People have right to vote & elect the right person. SO if we will choose the right people to govern the nation then definitely our nation will grow & develop in proper way.

People should have some awareness about politics so that they can differentiate between the right & wrong candidates. People do not elect person on the basis of his profile, education & work, People still vote for religion, caste & creed. People believe in fake promises by the contestants and caste there vote. We need to aware people about the politics so that people should understand & choose the right person , right government who can take our nation forward. SO Sahayak foundation has taken a step to aware people about there power to vote & elect the right person on the basis of the profile & his work done for the betterment of the people.

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