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Sahayak Events, Projects & Campaigns

May 19,  2019 |Team Sahayak Foundations

Getting involved in an event is great way to support Sahayak Foundation. This kind of support is invaluable for the Foundation and goes a long way towards becoming an incredible India. See the list below of our upcoming events and those in which we participate below.

The Different Projects of Sahayak Foundation Offered is as under :

  1. Get Pure Milk
  2. The Toy Shop
  3. A Library
  4. Clothes Market
  5. Food Bank
  6. Career Counselling Programs
  7. Awareness on Life Skills, Yoga and Meditation
  8. Yoga and Meditation Programs
  9. Skill Based Training Programs
  10. Industrial based Training Programs for Engineering and Diploma Holders (All Branches)

The Toy Shop

Childhood is very precious time for all the children's. There are many children's in our country who do not have privilege of playing with toys, Due to financial conditions there parents can not buy toys to them. So people who have some used toys as there child has grown up or who wants to donate there old or new toys they can donate there toys to Sahayak foundation. We will give those toys to those children's who can not afford to play with toys. By donating your toys you can bring smile to many small childrens.

A Library

Sahayak Foundation is also seeking donation in the form of books. Any one can donate there old used books. Sahayak foundation will provide that books to the children's who can not afford to buy books. This is very noble work , where you can help a child to study. so that he/ she can get the good education and make his / her future better.

Clothes Market

Many people have different clothes for different occasions on the other hand many poor people have to wear the same clothes for number of days irrespective of the condition of clothes , may be it gets dirty or get torn from somewhere as they can not afford to buy new clothes. They do not have blankets to sleep in winters, they do not have option to change the clothes if gone wet in rain.We can help those people by donating our old clothes , blankets etc to them so that they can at-least get the clothing. Sahayak foundation take donation in the form of clothes and donate them to the people who can not afford to buy clothes.

Food Bank

Food bank is an campaign started by Sahayak foundation where you can donate food Items. Sahak foundation provides these food items to the poor people who can not afford to buy the food . this is very noble cause where you can donate food to the hungry people so that no one should die of hunger.

Get Pure Milk

According to an article Milk consumption in India is 64 crore litres however the production of milk is only 14 crore litres. it means the milk people are having is either adulterated or not pure. This adulteration of milk can cause some serious health issues in future. So sahayak foundation has started a campaign to get the pure milk. Sahayak foundation will help the people to get the pure milk from our vendors. Sahayak foundation will ensure the quality of milk given to the people so that we can make people healthy.

Career Counselling Programs

Career counselling is very important tool to understand your capabilities ,choices & different paths to shape up your career. Sahayak foundation organizes career counselling programs so that our youth can get proper guidence so that they can choose the right path.

Awareness on Life Skills, Yoga and Meditation

Modern day world is changing so fast that we are even forgetting our moral Values & ethics. Technologies are making owr life comfortable but owr mind is becoming more complex and stressed. So Sahayak foundation is helping people by making them aware about life skills, Yoga & meditation so that they can live healthy, fit & peacefully in this modern world.

Yoga and Meditation Programs

Sahayak foundation is helping people in todays world to live the healthy & fit life. Sahayak foundation runs Yoga & Meditation Training program which not only makes you Physical & mentally fit. but also connects you with the spiritual world of Yoga & meditation. Sahayak foundation wants to show you the real yoga & meditaion world. Sahayak foundation does not want to make yoga only a part of physical excercise. we want to teach the real meaning of yoga that is union. Sahayak foundation run Yoga & Meditation Programs In schools, Colleges & Societies.

Skilled Training Programs

In Todays world, To work or to get a job education is not only the thing that is required, apart from education you require some skill sets. if you are educated & you also have some skills that will double your chance to success. So Sahayak foundation not only helps in education but also provides skill based training to the people so that they can start there own work or they can get job easily. Skills like tailoring, beautician, painting, Knitting, Cooking etc. are provided by sahayak foundation.

Industrial Training Programs

Most of the students that are passing there technical degree have lack of practical knowledge, so it is very difficult for them to find the job & survive in industry. So Sahayak foundation helps those engineers to get the technical skills & experience by providing them industrial exposure so that they can get the good Job. Lots of technical courses or training programs are run by the sahayak foundation like, CNC programming, Piping Design Engineering, Industrial Automation, Electrical Design Engg., Structural Design Engg, Process Design Engg, HVAC Design Engg etc.

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