Get Involved With NGO Sahayak Foundation

Today Sahayak is doing work to change the life of people in need with the help of your regular donation, whether you are single or in a group, an awareness and generate funds from your local community is a great work done by you. This is an effective and quick funds raise for the people who need it most, your support make a difference for many lives.

More than 80% of Sahayak Foundation’s income going directly towards delivering different vital projects and services for INDIANS in need, your support will change lives.

Help Us Bring Change

Make A change

You can contribute for our work that helps families and children in India for different projects which focuses on health, skill, education, poverty and environment.


Ideas for fundraising

Help Us Raise Fund

The most valuable funds by your handwork is an incredible support to sahayak foundation, it effectively used for people who need it most and by this you make difference to countless lives. Sahayak is always stood with people so that many of them can reach to their full potential. Please take action with passion by fundraising for us, as a single or in group you can raise funds and also make an awareness nearby you.

Ideas for fundraising

Something Sporty
Create a sporty event like marathon with your family, with your society, with your friends, with your office workers. Create an event in your gym or other physical activity event.

Donate Your Day
When it comes to birthdays or weddings, many people feel they already have everything they need. In place of gifts, you could ask guests to donate to SAHAYAK Foundation. Giving the gift of EDUCATION makes such a difference to so many people around the country. Donating a day is nice and easy. We have an Everyday Hero fundraising page for a variety of special occasions – simply choose the one that works best for you.

Join the Sleep out
With you friend or family or staff make sleep out in your backyard, your office, your school hall or even on your living room floor, Sahayak Foundation's Sleep out is about getting your friends, family, colleagues and community to raise vital funds towards Sahayak Foundation in need and helping Sahayak Foundation for different projects.

Event for old age people
Any event which make old people happy like A tour on holy places, or any Puja, Satang event, Meditation Camp etc.

Create your own event
If you have a creative feeling, design it for your own fundraising event. You can make a bike road show, cycle road show, a marathon, do some community work or set your own physical challenge. It’s totally up to you only Start collecting funds for NGO Sahayak Foundation, by creating your event, Once approved by Sahayak Foundation team members, they will send you an Authority letter to Fundraise, giving you permission to raise funds on our behalf, after than share your page with friends and family and spread the word on social media and be the part of the most beautiful work for your country. Create Event

Fundraise at work or school
Putting on an event at work or school is a great way to go about fundraising. All you need is to decide what to do. Here are some ways people have previously supported SAHAYAK Foundation.

Garage sale or market stall
Put together some things you no longer need or home made things and sell them for fundraising at a garage sale, in school exhibition, market stall or online.

Give something up
For a week or even a month, choose something to give up like coffee or your Friday Night Party or any thing you want to give up, than this is the right time, donate that money for those people how need it most.

Donate part of your salary
Every Rupee counts, Donating as little as 5% of your salary each month makes a huge difference.

Take action

Ways to give

Do you want an equal INDIA?

If you do, sign this petition today. It's time to close the gap in health, education and life expectancy between Poor people, middle class people and other Indians. We can close the gap but we need your support. This is an opportunity to send a clear message to the Indian Government to renew its commitment to Close the Gap and take stronger action to improve a common education system, a common hospital system and other common issues. Join that call urgently – please sign today.

Give a Gift

  1. Gift Cards (Links of Different programs and campaign comes under foundation)
  2. Gift in your will (Donate for foundation
  3. Gift though secure fund transfer
  4. Gift through mutual funds
  5. Others

Other ways to give

  1. Donate by Mail
  2. Donate by Phone
  3. Write a Review and Make an Impact
  4. Donate Your Vehicle
  5. Donate online ( face book, twitter, blog, google etc), online digital marketing, SEO, blogging support.
  6. Old cloths, books, toys, etc

Explore employer matching gift
Different companies made charitable donations by employees. Fantastic way to make it double or even triple your gift to make donation for Sahayak Foundation, and we hope you will explore this a great opportunity. We appreciate your interest, For more information please contact Mr. Kuldeep.