Careers at Sahayak Foundations

Sahayak foundation needs sahayaks from all age groups that can contribute any how for making the healthy & educated society. Sahayak foundation works on various fields Including Education, Health, Poverty, & Environment.

We need people who not only wants to work with us on these social issues but who wants to become a part of the change in society.

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Sahayak foundation welcomes the aspirants who wants to work to bring change in society. We need candidates who are energetic , smart & who are able to work on ground to bring the change. We require people in various fields such as Yoga, Meditation, Motivational Speakers, Career counsellors, Dairy farming experts, Veterinary Doctors, Agriculture Farming experts, Doctors, health Worker etc. This is not just the job it is about the responsibility because you can bring an important change in the society. To join the Sahayak foundation please find the job description & details below:



Sahayak foundation welcomes interns from various fields to contribute towards social change. We Provide practical exposure to all interns in there field of interest. Interns can dedicate there internship time to learn how actually our system works. Interns can become a part of any project, Events & programmes run by our organisation. They can experience the actual ground work that is done towards our society. Interns will definitely feel happy helping others for the noble cause during there internship. Interns have to apply 1 month prior at given below mail ID.

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Sahayak Foundation invites volunteers to become a part of us , become a sahayak to bring the social change. There are many events & programs where a volunteer can join and do his bit for this social cause. There are many Events & programs that are organised by the sahayak foundation where we need volunteers. There are many people in the society who wants to do something for the society but they think a single person will not be able to do anything for the country people, They have the great chance to give there service to the humanity & society. A volunteer can help us with his service in any of our works. A volunteer can help us in Health Camps, educational events, teaching unprivileged people with some sort of skill, teaching yoga , meditation or helping us in planting trees. In many ways a volunteer can become sahayak for the society and for Sahayak foundation too. To join as volunteer please fill the form below.


Student Ambassador Program :

Students are the future of a country, The first change is begin from there in the family or in the community, therefore if student involve initially in their young age for some social work than they see the real picture of existing inequalities around them and took responsibility as individual. Sahayak believes that if a child realise and see the things on ground level before their mind become set with age they develop their thought towards positivity and in right direction not to become a successful but a responsible person in life

Become Ambassador

About This Program

Sahayak Foundation Looking for creative, honest and mission-oriented students interested on national health, education, fitness and poverty issues to promote NGO Sahayak Foundation on their college and school campuses. Apply Here! As an ambassador, you will bring Sahayak to your campus by creating and implementing a campaign-focused marketing and public relations plan that includes events, activities and print/digital material to shine a spotlight on our work. Our Communications team will support you as you carry out your plan and document your progress via blog postings, photos and video.

Ambassador Benefits You Can Get

Your first leadership experience which develop more skills in you and a wonderful opportunity on digital marketing platform for a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) to make a difference in the lives of some one who need it most. Also Sahayak Foundation will issue an achievement Certificate to the Ambassador.

Work for the Ambassador

  1. NGO representative give updates about the foundation work which is to promote in your campus and society. Introduce our programs and activity to teachers and students.
  2. Ambassador can chose 2 out of 3 campaigns (Social Media, Fundraising and Education) and will do activities as described under
    1. Lets Work For digital marketing for NGO like Content submission for Sahayak Website, Blogs, and for social media.
    2. Promotion of Sahayak Foundation through posters and flyers or any other print media.
    3. Represent as Host for Sahayak Foundation during campus events.

For any promotional, event and other activities a guideline is provided from Sahayak Foundation, So that it is easy to start and Student can learn a lot.

About This Program

To qualify for the Ambassador team, you must be :

  1. Current Student of any School, Collage or University in India.
  2. Age in between 15-35 years
  3. Candidate have the knowledge of Blogs writing and digital marketing. (if not, Training is mediatory for the candidate.)
  4. Approximately give eight to ten hours per month.
  5. One event in a year.

Training, Passes, Gifts and Tours

Active Ambassadors will get free passes for events, Free Gifts and Tours once in a year.

Active ambassador will get training time to time by the experts of Engineering, Latest Technologies and in Management Field to improve their skills accordingly.